• That’s Chris Cornell? Sorry! I thought it was Dave Navarro .
    With regards to Soundgarden fans that cry in terror … they just don’t like change. If Cornell had stayed the same all these years, they’d be crying from boredom and wondering why he didn’t come up with something new. The poor man can’t win with them.

    Me? I’ve heard the five songs floating out there: Long Gone (new single), Watch Out, Ground Zero, Never Far Away, and Scream. Yes, they are a departure from what we are used to getting from Cornell. But once you get past that shock and give them a fair listen, they’re good. Listen to them several more times and you’ll find that they’re really good. Then listen to the lyrics. Simple verses – not as complex as a typical Cornell creation but they work. Sometimes, too many words just get in the way of the message.

  • Yea, I could see the Dave Navarro thing. Although Chris was looking a bit Navarroish in the pic I based it on.

    I appreciate the comments Warriorwoman.

  • Hah. I like the original photo just as much. nicely done.

    I fear change.

  • Pretty funny. It’s true. The SG fans who hated AS and EM and Carry On will also Scream about this.

    But some of us will be dancing with our headphones on.

  • http://www.pampelmoose.com/mspeaks/2008/07/what-the-hell-happened-to-chris-cornell

    A few comments down by j.wallace:
    “Are you SURE that’s Chris Cornell? It looks an awful lot like Dave Navarro with a perm.”

  • Ha! Ed!!!!!

    Yea, I could see the Dave Navarro thing. Although Chris was looking a bit Navarroish in the pic I based it on.

    Chris Cornell NEVER looked like Dave Navarro. Dave Navarro strives to look like Chris Cornell *BIG GRIN*

  • I just wanted to say that I LOVE the new Chris Cornell songs and I am excited as HELL to hear the new album when it comes out (though I’ve already heard 6 of the new tracks).

    Anyway, the cartoon is cute, but I really don’t’ think that Soundgarden fans have to “cry out in terror” or anything to that extent. I have been a Cornell fan since I was a kid and I grew up listening to Soundgarden and Cornell, so yeah . . . I don’t care what happens, I will ALWAYS be a big fan.

    I went to 2 Projekt Revolution shows this weekend and Cornell sounded as GREAT as EVER. He still hits those high notes and SINGS IT!!!!!

    Anyway, I LOVE the new music and I think it’s awesome that he’s collaborating with Timbaland.



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