ACL Preview: Hot Chip

By this point in time, we’ve all heard about Hot Chip many times before, or at least I hope they have done a fly-by on your radar. Well, this bunch of Brits are here to brighten up your ACL experience on Friday afternoon. Expect this to be a hot-spot for those in the know, and since I’ve alerted you, you are now one of those privileged people! Grab more info after the jump.

Hot Chip will take to the AT&T Blue Room stage at 5:30 Friday afternoon. Up until that point, you will not get a lot of music that will really make you move your feet.  Sure Del the Funky Homosapien and N.E.R.D. might offer you a little bit of movement, but I don’t think anything will get you dancing quite as hard as this band.

Hot Chip is a five piece band from London, specializing in the most basic dance music around. Upon first listen, most will find that it comes off as run of the mill dance music, which still isn’t a bad thing, but you should listen further. Hot Chip has the ability to ensure that all of those listening to their music will immediately find the hidden hooks in their songs, embedding them in your mind for days, weeks and sometimes years. Take their singles “Ready for the Floor” and “Over and Over,” two songs that will surely find everyone in attendance itching to move their feet.

The most interesting attribute about this band is that despite their apparent hipness, they really do come across as a group of normal dudes eager to get anyone and everyone to dance. Multiple vocals and spot-on beats do nothing to hide their desire to get you moving, and you’re guaranteed to do just that. Their eagerness to have a good time with you is sure to please all those in the crowd, and you might just find that you have a new favorite band. My prediction is that Hot Chip will be this years Ghostland Observatory; they will finally relay the hype they’ve built up to an all new crowd.

For those of you in search of the appropriate LP purchase to acquaint you with the band, I suggest picking up The Warning because it is the most accessible dance record for the masses. Don’t miss one of the various bands that is a must see for this ACL season!


Download: Hot Chip – Ready for the Floor [MP3]

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