The XYZ Affair

We’ve been reading a lot online these days about Brooklyn band, The XYZ Affair, and we’re gonna bring you a song to help spread the word about the upstarts.  The song we’ve got for you is called “Evening Life” and appears on recent EP by the band Trials.  Do you think these guys have what it takes to make a name for themselves?


Download: The XYZ Affair – Evening Life [MP3]


  • Thank god you’re giving them some ink. Bands in Brooklyn almost never get press. It so rough for those Crooklyn fellas.

  • totally–this song, the EP it’s off of, and their earlier release are tight, impressive forays.

  • i’m LOVING this band!!! how long have they been around?

  • Their website says they’ve only had the one full length out in 2007 but I don’t know exactly how long they’ve been a band. The site also has some MP3s from their debut full length you can download. Not much else about these guys in the world wide web.

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