King Khan @ Mohawk (11/15)

So you’re depressed that the Ghostland show is sold out this weekend and are looking for a way to drown your sorrows for not buying tickets earlier?  You should make your way over to Mohawk Saturday evening and enjoy a sure to be intense set by King Khan & The BBQ Show.  You’ll also save about $20 and will probably enjoy a better set than the one going on at Stubbs.  Buy tickets now!  Check out some King Khan tuneage elswhere on our site here & here.


  • Agreed, Khan will rock your socks ten times more than that dude in a cape.

  • Ghostland will always have a special place in my heart, but their sound is too time specific. Dance music is really cool right now so everyone loves it. Once the dance fad has gone away, everyone will throw Ghostland to the curb. Khan has some staying power.

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