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In an attempt to stay true to our favorite 90s front men, today we’re bringing you some news about Scott Weiland’s solo album due out Nov. 25th.  If you just can’t wait for that release date, you can stream the new album Happy from Weiland’s myspace page.  So faithful readers, is this new venture worth a listen?  The former Stone Temple Pilots front man will also be playing a date at La Zona Rosa in Austin on January 16th, but we’ll remind you about that closer to the date.


  • Surprising. Based on his rollingstone comments earlier in the year, something about this album being a departure from his past projects, and a revealing look at his divorce, and various other heavy issues. So i’m picturing some inaccessible, avant garde, weird project…

    And then I listen to it and it sounds like Lit. Very poppy.

    Happy indeed.

  • Scott makes me come. Scott makes me complete. Scott makes me completely miserable.

    Any news of the Velvet Revolver reunion tour?

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