Built By Snow Release Show Review

ATH made it out to Club Deville on Saturday night to check out some of the best new emerging pop bands residing in our little city. Built by Snow stole the show of course (it was their Mega CD release party) but a few other acts represented the genre well. Follow the jump to read our review of each band performing during the evening’s events.

Shortly after 9 PM on Saturday night, Houston’s McKenzies took to the stage. They offered the traditional blend of synth-pop to those who had arrived early enough to catch them. Musically, they were interesting, and everyone that caught a glimpse of this new band seemed to be pleased with the outcome. A possible drawback, and the band might agree, was that the stage presence needs a little work. It’s hard to tell whether the cold or the fact that this was the band’s first show held them back, but upon improvement, they will surely captivate audiences all over the state of Texas.

Austin band, The Bubbles, took to the stage next. Recently they’ve garnered lots of press, and some would say that they are one of the next big things to come out of Austin. Upon watching them, some might recall the more raucous power of Voxtrot, relying upon a heavy dosage of pop and garage mentality. Yet again, those in attendance were confronted by a lack of stage presence. It’s one thing to write amazing lyrics and songs, but it’s another thing entirely to put on a show. Isn’t it all supposed to be entertainment? At least in the live setting?

Then on came Built by Snow, as they prepared the audience for the release of their album, Mega. The instant the band took to the stage a new sort of energy filled the crowd. Their power-leanings, fueled with synthesizers, quickly won over the entire audience. They pushed for hand-claps and audience participation, and they received it, which is a lot to ask for considering the weather. Amidst their set they threw in a few solid covers, namely “Friends with P” which surely brought joy to all those in attendance. As their set winded down, you could tell by the ecstatic smiles on their faces that they had accomplished exactly what they set out to do, melt faces.

Closer, Hollywood Gossip, has some incredible songs, but, sadly, not many people stuck around to catch a listen. They own the twee genre, at least in these parts. The band stood strong in the face of adversity, smiling through the entirety of their set. Playing Built to Spill‘s “Joyride” can’t hurt anyone either, especially when it’s done so well!

All in all, the show, which was super cheap considering the great bands, went over extremely well.  It’s good to see that good pop music can survive here in Austin, not to mention pull a large crowd. Here’s to many more great shows as the season of music begins again.


Download: Hollywood Gossip – Bicycle [MP3]


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