Motown #1s for $1.99

temptationsAmazon continues to try and compete with itunes in the Mp3 download department by offering you such steals as these.  The deal for today features a 20 song compilation disc of The Motown singles to reach #1 for only $1.99. You won’t be surprised that the album is full of huge names like Lionel Richie (also an ATH guilty pleasure), The Temptations, Marvin Gaye, and other greats.  Get it now.



  • I see it for $7.99 which is not nearly the same deal – also – I use amazon form my mp3 downloads almost exclusively – suck it Itunes.

  • Sorry Julie, I think that was for one day only. Should have mentioned that in the post. Hey, 7.99 aint bad either.

    Yeah Amazon is starting to blow itunes outta the water. They are running sick deals everyday.

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