1/30 Los Campesinos @ The Parish

lc2We’ve always been fans of Los Campesinos!, but we honestly weren’t sure what to expect in a live show from a 7 piece indie band comprised of members all in their early twenties. Throw out those preconceptions if they’re keeping you from seeing the band, because they brought the house down at The Parish on Friday night. In a time when most indie or indie “pop” bands can be boring and uninspired, Los Campesinos! brought a raw energy, musicianship and stage presence far more mature than their years would suggest. The band was a non stop bundle of energy jumping on and off stage while telling jokes in between songs. Despite the sometimes spastic tendencies of their music, the songs were beautifully done and created some small mosh pits towards the front of the crowd. Make a point to check these guys out the next time they come to your town and don’t forget your dancin’ shoes. Follow the jump to see some fancy live photos from the show.

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