From The Closet: Ryan Adams

ryan-adamsToday’s from the closet features an artist we used to love not too long ago but have been pretty indifferent to in recent years.  Yes Mr. Ryan Adams, we long for the days of your 2000 gem of an album Heartbreaker and its incredibly beautiful sadness.  Here’s to you sir and congratulations on the engagement.



  • Love this man’s music.
    And his writing.
    And him!
    Thank you for this.

  • I don’t want the days of HB back. I don’t even think it’s his best album, that would be either LIH or Cold Roses. The LMA recordings of his shows in Australia recently are quite wonderful as was almost all the shows on the
    2008 tour. His voice has never sounded better. How irritating it must be
    to have people wish you would never change, which is just another way of saying, die.

  • Sandy – Don’t get me wrong, The Cardinals are a great band and I’m sure they are incredible live. That however doesn’t hide the lackluster songwriting from his last two albums.

    I also enjoy the two albums you mention but keep in mind they are from 4-5 years ago. I’d take the songwriting of those albums over the new material as well.

    Die? Ummmm…..?

  • Well, for me, he went from Whiskeytown to Heartbreaker, which seemed like a natural progression; he had me at this point. But, through the years he has put out albums such as “29” or “Cardinology,” which to me, indicate the decline in his output remaining relevant. This could be why he has decided to hang up the strings for a bit. Who knows, maybe his love for Mandy will allow him to play the reverse Joaquin Phoenix.

  • Nathan hit the nail on the head. Ryan leaving music probably is the best indicator that even he feels like things have gone a bit stale as of late.

  • Whiskey Town’s “Strangers Almanac”….one of the best recordings Mr Adams produced. WARNING: use with caution in times of heartbreak.
    Ryan’s career has been an unfortunate run of mass production peppered with moments of greatness, yet one can hardly blame an artist for doing what he is driven to do..create. Sometimes you just need a good editor.

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