Mastodon Bring More Rock

mastodon-photoMaybe some of our readers are not ready for the face melting music of Mastodon, but count ATH as one of their many fans. The Grammy winning band are bringing you a new album on March 24th entitled Crack the Skye and have two new songs to preview the effort. First new song “Oblivion” can be heard on the album’s website along with some sweet flash animations.  We’ve got the other new tune “Diviniations” for you below.


Download: Mastodon – Divinations [MP3]


  • Awesome song. Bodes well for the rest of the new album. Though it’s going to take a lot for them to top Leviathan.

  • “Split your lungs with blood and thunder
    When you see the white whale
    Break your backs and crack your oars men
    If you wish to prevail.”
    PS: This song really cooks.

  • Why is he singing like Ozzy Osbourne? Then again why is he even singing? This isn’t Mastodon, where did Mastodon go.

  • face = melted

    I say let the man sing.

    And these guys have the best album art around. I went cross-eyed looking at their myspace

  • face sufficiently melted. carry on, mastadon. carry on.

  • Is this the new System of a Down song?

  • Ana,
    Will you marry me?

  • Holy balls…. yes…. face is dripping on my sleeve.

  • @ kyle – mastOdon went where they wanted to go buddy, just like they always have. this album rocks just as much as any of the others. better than blood mountain, on the whole. not that that wasn’t awesome too. hope that answers your question 😉

    if you haven’t already, check out ‘fiend without a face’. a bluegrass/psychobilly trio brent was involved in. true awesomeness.

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