Austin 360 Writer Hates Austinites

Okay so maybe that headline is a little harsh, but you’ve got to read this Austin 360 article by Michael Corcoran.  Michael apparently thinks SXSW is being ruined by all you locals who just want to go to free parties, see some good bands and aren’t part of the “industry”.  Thems fightin’ words if you ask me!  It’s hard to tell if this is intended as a piece of satire just to mess with your head or if he’s really upset.  Regardless, check it out and give him a piece of your “tatooed daycare worker” mind.  Thanks to Mike from Sonic Itch for the tip.


  • “but I’m with the MEDIA, I’m important!!!!”

    First off, what sort of self respecting music journalist has never seen the Hold Steady? He should be fired.

    Second, quit complaining. Though not originally set up this way, SXSW has turned into a dual promotional opportunity. Showcases for Established Media outlets and featured bands, and grass roots word of mouth hype through the free parties (either local or set up by corporate sponsors.)

    tweets, youtube, 50 cellphones/cameras held up during every song… the bands coming in from overseas can still get noticed, without playing just for established media (aka townies w/ badges.)

  • Wow, I’m glad I don’t hate my life as much as this guy does.

  • Hear, hear to what “bRETT” stated.
    I agree whole heartedly, a music journalist should know that 90% of most musicians income is produced from live shows alone. The “locals”, is their main consumer in this during sxsw. Everyone in the “industry” that counts during this time and whom this idiot is referring to, wouldn’t take a second look at these artists if the locals hadn’t.
    I know I wouldn’t be willing to book a show or sign a record deal with a band that wasn’t capable or even interested for that matter in catching the main consumers eye(or should I say ear), which during SX, is the locals!

  • wow I didn’t want to upset myself too much by reading this guy’s article, but from a local, FUCK YOU! SXSW and austin in general is being “ruined” by outoftowners. I wish this fucking thing stayed local so I could actually get to my JOB without 185 thousand people coming in from out of town! This guy obviously doesn’t understand, like most people who arn’t from the city, that these events these new condos these new clubs & the like are all at the expense of people who were here before them. Locals are getting fucked so people with the means can have a new playground. No fucking respect man.

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