ACL Lineup Announced

acl_lineup_adIt’s finally here.  You’ve been waiting all Spring; you’ve even bought your tickets, and now the 2009 ACL lineup is here.  I won’t lie, the headliners aren’t really doing anything for me, esepecially because of my extreme hatred for Dave Mathews Band.  But, there are some killer bands that will be gracing smaller stages that you’ll definitely want to check out such as Sonic Youth, Phoenix, Grizzly Bear, The Dodos, Passion Pit and the Walkmen.  You can still buy tickets for a measly $185 here.


  • WTF?! No Mastodon?! No Wu-Tang reunion?! I sincerely suggest buying 3-day passes for this shit NOW! After it sells out in less than a month, you can probably sell these bad boys on Craigslist for some hefty coin as the festival approaches. PJ & DMB fans travel the country in herds!
    PS: Nathan, I never thanked you for advising me not to go to Explosions in the Sky @ Auditorium Shores during SXSW. Thank you.

  • I had heard of Dave in the late 80s (like 1989???) when he played in Charlottesville, VA. I was in the Army and usually drunk out of my mind on mescal but I remember not being able to grasp the music I was listening to the way I could other music. In the mornings I’d go looking to see where I’d left my bike and I could still hear a saxophone in my head. I still like their music, but I didn’t know anything about him then. Why the hate?

  • Reason 1) During the late 90s, and to this day, every guy in a coffee shop that can play the guitar attempts to play a Dave Mathews Band song during their open mike set.

    Reason 2) People refer to the band as Dave. See above comment. Dave is a movie.

    Reason 3) I just can’t stand his voice. It’s all nasally and gross.

    Reason 4) He looks like this guy:

  • 1 million points to Nathan. Bravo.

  • It looks like I’ll be in the line early for the bus back to Republic Square.

  • Nah, I don’t think the voice is that bothersome. And that guy from Star Wars looks nothing like him. He’s wearing a hat or helmet. Obviously.

    But no there is nothing really offensive or far reaching with DMB, (is that nomenclature ok?) And at a big festival, it is like watching a less adventurous jam band. I’d say wait until the new album comes out and then dump all over him.

    I’d say what bothers people most about The Dave Matthews Band feat. Dave, is:

    a) that he is broadly enjoyed and appreciated by people who don’t really make a point to enjoy and appreciate much music.
    b) Well, that really is the only reason. There is nothing really “wrong” with the music. Other than it is maybe too approachable? easy? saxy?

    Looking forward to… Dead Weather, Blitzen Trapper, Pearl Jam, Beastie Boys, Levon Helm, Flogging Molly, Dan Auerbach

  • None of the headliners have done anything significant in the last 8 years. Don’t get me wrong, as much as I would like to hear a bunch of near-50 year-old artists perform their hits that I listened to in high school, it’s the smaller bands that do it for me. Phoenix, DeVotchKa, the Knux to name a few. Who really cares about my opinion since I’m not even going. Give me Coachella lineup over this any day.

    “I was up at the front and Dave looked RIGHT AT ME….”

  • Nathan is right, Dave Mathews sucks. I might skip ACL altogether to protest. Phoenix is playing Bonnarro too!

  • wow. you have a, b, c, and d reasons. but consider this: a) the phenomenon of a guy playing a guitar has been around since probably the lute was invented. it did not start in the 90s so you give dave too much credit. b) when I called him dave it’s because I was referring to the person, not the band. I don’t think they became a band until 91 or 92. but i could be wrong. c) i know you’ve listened to a lot of music and you like some fucked up shit! you’ve said so yourself. so to say you don’t like someone because of his voice??? seriously??? that’s gay. & d) okay, that pic was funny.

    i think you find him too cliche but if i go to acl, i’ll be listening to the dave mathews band.

  • I am going to agree with ALL the DMB haters. I remember my freshmen yr in college and i went to a frat party (dont make fun of me… i didnt know what i was getting myself into) but there was a point in the night where one guy grabbed a guitar and a bunch of guys started singing DMB songs. It had to ranked as one of the lowest points of my life. I almost yelled “Shut the f up!!” but i didnt want to embarrass the friend who took me there.

    DMB= music for fraternity kids who dont know crap about music

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