Little Joy @ The Independent (6/8)

littlejoy1One of our top new bands from last year, Little Joy, are returning to Austin for another show this Monday.  The evenings event will be going down at the brand new Independent Austin (map) over on the east side.  Tickets are still on sale now for $16.50.  Unfortunately it looks like founding member Fabrizio Moretti will not be joining the band on this tour as he is currently recording the new Strokes record.  Bummer.  Should still be a good time if your Monday is looking bleak.


Download: Little Joy – Keep Me in Mind [MP3]

One comment

  • I’ve never listened to Little Joy and I will always hate them for their name (I was fond of that bar in LA), but aside from that — that band pic is really creepy. Looks like a three-way about to happen, and the chick is going to feel really left out if you know what I mean.

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