From The Closet: Mineral

mineral1I’ve been feeling really nostalgic lately about my Emo days in high school and college so I thought the hottest Austin emo band Mineral would be a solid choice for our From the Closet.  Mineral were only around for about 4 years and only put out two full LPs, both of which superb additions to the then trendy Emo genre.  After their break up in 1998, Chris Simpson went on to form The Gloria Record and now fronts the Austin folk-pop band Zookeeper.  The song I’ve got for you is “& Serenading” which appears on the bands second LP EndSerenading.  It’s long been one of my favorites from the late 90s emo genre.


Download: Mineral – & Serenading [MP3]

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  • “Whitman’s debut recalls the first-generation emo blueprinted by Austin’s Mineral, with cackling guitars rupturing through the lyrical lapses.” – Austin Powell / The Austin Chronicle

    Normally it would be an honor to be compared to such a great band but when it comes from Austin Powell it still feels like a cold hand in your pants. No what I mean?

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