FT5 – 2009 Jams of the Summer

0626top5coverWe’re right in the beginning of summer, as we can all tell by the ridiculous heat has been beating down upon us.  For us, we just sit around all day listening to sweet tunes, hoping that we can create the perfect playlists for our long drives to nowhere.  As per usual, we think we’ve provided you with a list of songs that are destined to have you turning up your stereo as you drive through the hill country or maybe you just want to throw them on during your barbecue.  Regardless, these are our jams of the summer.

foreignborn5. Foreign Born – Early Warnings

If you just listen to the vocals here, you’ll be reminded immediately that the summer time is perfect if you bring with you a slight breeze.  Musically, it’s got that California guitar sound, which makes a lot of sense with the band being from LA and all. Still, the softer side with “ooohs” and “ahhhs” is perfect for a sing-a-long moment in the backyard with your best bros.  Roll those windows all the way down, let the breeze blow your hair, and take a drive with the boys from Foreign Born.


Download: Foreign Born – Early Warnings [MP3]

whiterabbits4. White Rabbits – Percussion Gun

This song is all about that ridiculously rhythmic drum beat.  If you can’t feel the beat then there is probably something wrong with you, or I guess it could be your stereo system.  Recently, this band hit up Austin, and this song had just as much raw power live.  Soaring vocals reminiscent of The Walkmen accompanied by the off-kilter barroom piano make for one of the catchiest numbers of the year, not to mention the perfect groove during your afternoon at Barton Springs.


Download: White Rabbits – Percussion Gun [MP3]

akronfamily3. Akron/Family – River

A little maraca to start off the song, as guitars carefully pick their way through the background.  Just like summer, this song builds and builds, ambling along with full whistle accompaniment.  “You and I and a flame make three” just serves to remind us all that it’s time to light the fires beneath our fire pits and throw some meat upon the grill. It might be a bit of a slow burner, but you don’t want to cook that meat too quick otherwise your barbecue won’t come out right; your summer won’t come out right unless you include this song in everything you do.


Download: Akron/Family – River [MP3]

phoenix2. Phoenix – 1901

Easily one of the best songs of the year, this song is perfect for all times, but more specifically summer dance parties.  As that beat kicks in, feet begin to stomp around your living room.  Guitars pick up, and we’re all frantically dancing around together, enjoying nothing but the company of good friends.  Bring in the chorus, raise your hands, and chant “fall-in fallen fall-in.”  Do you see it? We’re all smiling, we’re all together, and we’re all going to wear this song out during the summer, but that’s what perfect summer jams are for after all. Ultimate good times.


Download: Phoenix – 1901 [MP3]

strangeboys1. Strange Boys – Heard You Wanna Beat Me Up

Is there a better song out there that encompasses your summer?  First, it’s all about the story line.  We’ve got our narrator in trouble with another man, which is probably comes from the fact that he stole that guy’s lady.  I mean, if you aren’t out chasing the opposite sex during the summer, you need to see a doctor; that is unless you are married, and in that case, you have another reason to love this song during the summer.  Surf guitars and the bouncing style of the song itself just shout at you to grab your significant other by the hand and take a walk down the beach, or Lady Bird Lake for you Austinites.


Download: The Strange Boys – Heard You Wanna Beat Me Up [MP3]

What did we miss?  Are you playing something better at your parties? We want to know, so drop us a line at the bottom to give us insight into the summer jams that are moving your life along.

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  • I Start to Run by White Denim is my fav summer jam. The whole album is really good even though it still loses the energy it has when they play live.

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