New Tunes from Lightspeed Champion (sort of)

Dev Hynes (Lightspeed Champion) at the Sound Fix CafeDevonte Hynes is the former Test Icicle who has now gone on to fame of his own accord with Lightspeed Champion, and he now has some new tunes for us to listen to whilst he puts the finishing touches on his new LP.  But, he has opted to release this piece of tunes under the Blood Orange moniker, which is probably due to the fact that it doesn’t sound quite like his other works, but definitely wears the influence of his new home in Brooklyn. Enjoy this track from Blood Orange (not Lightspeed Champion).


Download: Blood Orange – Said No [MP3]

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  • WOW!… I’m a musician first off… I bought the lightspeed champion album and enjoyed. However, this is a total new direction, and it’s amazing… Best work I’ve heard from Devonte Hynes thus far. I want the “Blood Orange” album!


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