From The Closet: The Rise

theriseShutdown this assembly line quality!  Oh how we love and miss old Austin band The Rise. During the fall of The Refused, we needed something to come destroy the Austin music scene as a whole.  The Rise were the band that did it, infusing their electronic beats with a touch of hardcore and rioting live shows.  While on the scene, they quickly built a solid following here in town, and gaining fans all over the world. Unfortunately, real life got in the way, and the group disbanded, with bassist Danny being the only one going on to make musical waves as a member of Trail of Dead. Also, if it was you that stole their equipment long ago, please return it. We miss you The Rise, and would gladly be willing to put together your reunion show.


Download: The Rise – The Fallacy Of Retrospective Determinism [MP3]

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  • I didn’t steal their gear but they stole my heart. Corey, Mr. Ben, what do you say? Let’s get you guys back together.

    P.S. Ray x2, the new site looks like a pair of pants a member of the Rise would wear. White and Tight.

    Texas IS Bigger than France

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