8/28 Thunderheist, LAX & Vicious @ Emo’s

ThunderheistMany of you might have got caught in the rain this past Thursday evening, but Mother Nature decided to take a breather by the time Vicious, L.A.X., and Canadian DJ duo Thunderheist hit the stage. We all know that Emo’s (outdoors) can often feel like a sweltering sauna, but the humidity didn’t stop concertgoers from making good use of their dancing shoes. Luckily, there was room to breathe so you never felt overcome with claustrophobia as you milled around the venue avoiding puddles. Follow the jump to hear our thoughts.
Although everyone loves a good ol’ hipster dance party, my main complaint was the sometimes sporadic sound quality. Oh, and just like everyone else, I wish the outdoor bar accepted credit cards.

To get you in the mood to pump those fists, the night began with Austin-based DJs Joshua Distance and Ryan Parker, also known as Vicious: two boys and their electronic toys. They served as a good opener. In my opinion, they just showcased a pretty accurate representation of what to expect on a typical night out in Austin. Although Vicious didn’t bring anything very unique to the table, they set the tone for the evening.

L.A.X., also based in Austin, kept the energy going with their brand of electro dance rock. Clad in black and white, the six-member group definitely put on a show for the kids. Although I had little prior knowledge about this band, I was pleasantly surprised by their lively performance. Lead female vocals and electro pop just seem to go hand in hand. To balance out Erin Jantzen and Yadira Brown, vocalist and instrumentalist Andrew Collins often took center stage. He heavily relies on the use of the auto-tuner, and whether you love or hate it, you cannot deny that it works for L.A.X. I must say that their live performance was occasionally hindered by the sound quality. I think most can agree with that statement. As I stood near the stage, the speakers often sounded like they were about to give out. Nonetheless, by the end of the show, no one could help but give in to L.A.X.’s electro melodies.

Just after midnight, MC Isis and producer Grahm Zilla, aka Thunderheist, were doing what they do best. I discovered this group during SXSW 2009 at the iheartcomix showcase at Beauty Bar. They didn’t disappoint me then, and the same can be said for this show. Thunderheist has a unique sound that is reminiscent of artists such as Kid Sister and Peaches. Zilla’s beats are nothing but infectious, and Isis’ hip-hop style vocals and outrageous lyrics can keep anyone more than interested. Isis has a variety of antics to keep the crowd entertained throughout the whole set. Let’s just say she’s a bit feisty. I’m sure the Lone Star tallboys and shots of whiskey didn’t hurt either. Who can blame her for wanting to enjoy that time in the spotlight? The duo mostly performed tracks from their self-titled album, but they also managed to slip two new songs into their hour-long set. Isis and Zilla concluded the night with their hit song “Jerk It”. (Side note: Watch the official music video for “Jerk It”. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.) By the end of the show, the stage was filled to capacity with the lucky few hipsters that were handpicked by Isis.

All-in-all, a fun night was had by all who were there. Sometimes it’s refreshing to go to a show to purely have fun and let loose. Leave your serious thoughts at the door and grab a beer.

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