New Music From Kurt Vile

kurt-vileThis new tune by Philly songwriter Kurt Vile has been all over the internet the other day and we just can’t resist posting it on the ol ATH.  It’s a dirty little guitar heavy tune that’s simple yet somehow memorable at the same time.  You can hear this track “Hunchback” and more on upcoming album Childish Progidy out October 6th on Matador Records.


Download: Kurt Vile – Hunchback [MP3]


  • Wow! I liked this a lot. Way more captivating than his earlier stuff. Now I see what Matador saw in this guy, heh.

  • This song is a great rock and roll throwback – he sounds like Mick Jagger but the song itself for some reason seems kind of Bowie-ish to me. I’m excited for this release now though especially because he’s from right here in Philly! I might even feature him as my artist of the week.

    Thanks for the heads up!
    – Nick

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