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Built-to-Spill-leanbackThe band that brought you one of the best albums of the 90s (that being There’s Nothing Wrong with Love), Built to Spill, is up to their old tricks.  They’ve got a new album heading our way on October 6th titled There Is No Enemy, not to mention a show lined up for October 24th.  Here’s the recent track, “Hindsight.”


Download: Built to Spill – Hindsight [MP3]


  • Geez Nay-Nay, clearly you’ve made a mistake! Perfect from Now On and Keep It Like A Secret (1997 and 1999 respectively) far, FAR outshine There’s Nothing Wrong with Love.

    That being said, I can’t wait for this, or any, Built to Spill release.

  • I’ve gotta agree with Michael, although I prefer Keep It Like a Secret.

    I just hope this release is better than You In Reverse.

  • But You In Reverse is still pretty great. If you absolutely have to pick a less than terrific Built to Spill have, you should to go with Ancient Melodies…

    It’s my opinion, but it feels pretty right to me.

  • Ya, I just felt that You In Reverse was a particularly forgettable album (especially after waiting 5 or so years).

    Their 90’s work is probably more at fault for my opinion of You In Reverse (and Ancient Melodies) than anything. They set the bar pretty high going into the 00’s.

  • You guys need to lay off the hippie and just stick with your favorite Dave Mathews album. When this band went into the jam-land, as in KILAS and PFNO, they lost the clever luster they created in their miming classic late 80s indie rock. The records you love are meant for trips on mushrooms, not to be enjoyed as a special entity, such as TNWWL


  • @nathan

    My favorite DMB song is “Crash”. What’s yours?

  • @ raygun I dont have a favorite Dave Mathews song, as I don’t like Dave Mathews or his band. But, I can see you do, as you used the “DMB” moniker. You’re probably really stoked for ACL so you can see “Dave”

  • Come on guys, let’s put on some Norah Jones and talk this out.

  • @nathan.

    I consider now until October 3 at 8:00 pm “Killin’ Time ‘Till Dave”.

    All other things that happen between now and then are just ways to pass the time.

    I’ll be sure and hold my phone up to the stage for you when “Crash” comes on.

  • I haven’t been on the site much today and I see that we have 11 comments on a post… and they are all from you tards..

  • For ACL ATH should produce a DMB Fan starter kit. Contents: “Killin’ Time for DMB” T-Shirt, hemp necklace, a pair of teva flip flops, and your choice of a gram of cocaine or three joints.

    Sure, it’ll be expensive to produce and illegal to sell, but man it will be fun.

  • I think this kit should also include some actual ways to kill time until DMB.

    Maybe A “Dave” board game. You know, a trivial pursuit type game to keep you occupied while inferior bands take the stage.

    Or maybe a “Dave’s Crazy Mad Libs” book where you can rearrange the lyrics to “Crash”.

    We’re sittin on a goldmine here.

  • The games need to SEEM romantic, but ultimately need to be kinda skeezy, you know DMB-style.

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