FTC: Pearl Jam

PJYou had to know with my love for Pearl Jam and the band headlining ACL this year that a From the Closet was just bound to happen this week.

I’ve got to say that trying to pick a Pearl Jam song from their vast and stellar catalogue is close to impossible, but I think I’ve picked a good one. For multiple reasons I’m bringing “Not for You”, which is one of the many stand-out tracks from the band’s remarkable 1994 release Vitalogy. The first being that it was Pearl Jam’s ballsiest record to date and they succeeded at trying some crazy and raw new things.  Second, this album came out several months after the tragic death of Kurt Cobain when everyone thought popular music would die with the Nirvana front man. And speaking of Cobain … Eddie Vedder himself also had major issues dealing with his new found fame and this record has so many “fuck you” songs on it and “Not for You” is just one of the great ones.  It’s raw, it’s punk, its so many things. Do you remember that right after Cobain died, Eddie Vedder paid tribute to him on SNL even after Cobain trashed his band? Hell yeah, you’re the fucking man Eddie. For those of you whining about Pearl Jam playing ACL, show some damn respect and consider some lyrics on this album. This is not for you. You probably like DMB…

[audio: http://austintownhall.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/03-Not-For-You.mp3]


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