ACL Interviews: The Dodos

thedodos_ACLOur ACL coverage continues the week after ACL with an interview with up and coming buzz band The Dodos.  We were big fans of their set during the weekend, so we were excited to have some time to speak with Logan Kroeber before their show.  Follow the jump to read full interview with The Dodos.


ATH: Was adding a third a way to progress your sound as a band or was it necessary to have a tie-breaking vote on where to eat and what to listen to while on tour?


Logan: Definitely the former. A democracy only gets more complicated with more votes.


ATH: What do you think are the challenges that face your band, as traditionally you are a three piece, although you now include a new member? For instance, what do you guys have to do that most bands dont?


Logan: I guess musically the challenge is to make a big rock sound live without using traditional rock instrumentation. But our biggest challenge is finishing a mission on the WWII pilot game in the van.


ATH: Your label is run by one of the cats from Les Savy Fav.  Having been a fan of them for years, do you think you will ever be able to outpeform the manic Tim Harrington? Do you even want to?


Logan: When audience members try to out perform Tim they inevitably end up molested worse than they already would have been. Don’t play with sweaty fire.


ATH: Having had a song licensed for commercial use (Miller Chill), have you noticed more notoriety? Has the licensing brought positives for both parties involved? Are you jealous of Matt & Kim’s sweet sweet Bacardi cash?


Logan: There’s one dude from LA who always shouts “miller chill!” When we go down there, that’s about as notorious as it’s gotten. As far as I’m concerned the situation has been a positive.


ATH: I’ve always been interested in knowing where you got your group name from, as I once wrote a paper on the Dodo bird? Did you have to write the same paper? Group project?


Logan: It was a random act on Meric’s part, but since then we’ve learned a lot about the bird and could probably give your paper a few foot notes.


ATH: Do you have any plans aside from the festival while you are visiting in Austin?  Where are your favorite places to dine, party, drink?


Logan: We’re gonna be super busy so I’m not holding my breath, but if we can get some bbq and take a dip at Barton or the greenbelt I’ll be stoked.


ATH: The Earth is about to blow up, and we’re all piling onto shuttles to go to the new planet….what three albums do you bring with you?


Logan: New Ruby Suns, Waylon Jennings greatest hits, and Alton Ellis Sunday Coming.


Photo credit to Charlie Vineyard.

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