FT5: Fictional Supergroups

1016top5coverAfter being underwhelmed (and I’m the only one) by Them Crooked Vultures, I began to look ahead to the Supergroups that I would create.  Sure, this is all conjecture, and some are jaded by my own personal tastes and connections.  It’s an interesting topic.  Who is your favorite musician, and who would you like to see them playing with?  Make your own supergroup, and tell me about it.  While I wait, I’ll throw out mine. And, I apologize for my lack of originality in naming bands.


friendslovers5. Friends and Lovers

This one is selfish.  It’s not based on artistic merit or what they can bring to the table; this is purely a selfish Supergroup.  Singing, I would put Ted Leo on vocals, maybe with a touch of guitar.  I do this because I love his voice, and partially because I love him.  On lead guitar, I would choose Mike Kennerty from All-American Rejects. Mock me if you will, but he’s got better tastes than most people I know, and he plays a mean guitar. Next, Colin “Tiny” Fleishacker of Colourmusic. Colin is an exceptional bass player, solid bro, and his musical tastes are great as well. On the kit, I would put my friend Tim Campbell of The Good Fear.  He’s a stand up guy. You see, these three friends of mine have great tastes, though they all differ a bit, and they can all play, so why not throw them in with my favorite man-crush Ted Leo?


bangersandmash4. Bangers and Mash

I am constructing the ultimate British band.  It’s more of like a Broken Social Scene collective of my favorite Brit bands.   Most of the people can sing, but I’d like to think that Jarvis Cocker would bring the ultimate showmanship to the stage.  Danny Goffey of Supergrass would rock the drums, and then it all takes off.  Lyrics and the rest of songwriting credits are headed by a three-pronged monster of Stuart Murdoch, Richard Hawley and Graham Coxon.  You can’t knock these three men, and if you do, I hate you.  Still, just imagine these guys sitting in the back of a pub chugging pints and writing great songs…I can.


bandofbanality3. Band of Banality

You have to have a classic indie band Supergroup.  This one is just a straight-forward rock group based primarily on the songwriting of one Stephen Malkmus.  You can’t argue his place in history, and you know you want to see him play.  But, why not give him a leading lady to back his lyrics…that’s right, throw him a little Kim Deal.  She can play the bass, and when she’s not smoking, she has a great voice.  And to put a different spin, one that might not work, I’d like to throw George Hurley of the Minutemen on the drum kit.  He’s always been steady, and I think he could push this trio like few else.


threeguys1girl2. 3 Guys 1 Girl

I love The Wedding Present, and I love Joy Division, so why not take two of the parts I like most, and combine them.  I’d like to take David Gedge and keep him on guitar, with assistance from Nic Zinner from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.  Then I’d take JD/New Order drummer Stephen Morris to keep the beat steady.  I’m pretty sure that you could pick out any basic bass player, as the bass will mostly serve as filler, but you’d probably want a girl for the sex appeal, so maybe Amanda Tannen on bass, or you could take any of the three lovely ladies from Dirty Projectors.


excalibur1. Excalibur

The ultimate group has little vocals.  It’s mostly just a noise band, with occasional spoken word from Calvin Johnson or Stephin Merritt. But, for the most part, it is just a pure sonic blast from classic noise maker Kevin Shields.  Still, you want to keep the man balanced, so you put in Jason Pierce of Spiritualized, who has gradually gained more of an orchestral approach.  Then you can add old At the Drive In drummer Tony Hajar to just make it a full on sound explosion.  Word is, they are recording with Lee “Scratch” Perry just to see how messed up they can make this group.


What’s the Supergroup for you?  Feel free to share with us, as we know that my opinions are riddled with my own tastes and desires.  Be thinking of your own Supergroup, as we just might have a secret contest for best supergroup ever, which could lead you down the path towards free Fun Fun Fun Fest tickets.


  • I was shocked that Gedge was not in your British group . . . then it made more sense when I got to number 2.

  • THis is a great list, very creative. All these bands can kick my imaginary band’s ass.

    That, and I keep rebuilding either half or 75% of Soundgarden.

  • Hahah… Nathan… I think you’re amazing. Great band names too.

  • I hope the half you’re leaving out involves Chris Cornell….he’s busy making beats with Timbaland.

  • Guitars,samples,dancing-Nick Reinhart of Tera Melos.
    Vocals,stage presence-Cedric Bixler-Zavala.
    Keyboards,noises-Lenier Parsons of Courier Pigeons.
    Drums,drums,drums,drums-Zach Hill.
    Bass,sex appeal-Arif Mirabdolbaghi.
    Percussion-Marcel Rodriguez-Lopez of Zechs Marquise.

  • Vocals – Channing Lewis of Grand Champeen
    Lead Guitar – Mick Jones of The Clash
    Rhythm Guitar – Keith Richards
    Keyboards – Terry Adams of NRBQ
    Bass – Tommy Stinson (Replacements/Bash N Pop/Perfect/GnR)
    Drums – Travis Nelson of Okkervil River

    This band (comprised strictly of personal favorites) would probably be a mess, but they might be able to find some common ground in a Stones-y/Faces/roots-o-rock groove.

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