New Music From Spoon

spoon_gaA new Spoon track has been floating around the interwebs and we wanted to share it with you.  It’s called “The Mystery Zone” and is now the 3rd track that we’ve heard from the new album.  Gotta say, this track and the other two aren’t really making me too excited for the new release.  I guess we’ll see eh?  Spoon’s new LP Transference will be available January 26th via Merge.

Song removed by request of record label.  Sorry kids.


  • Equal parts “Janie’s Got a Gun” and the most boring fucking thing I’ve ever heard. No mysteries here folks.

    I waited for them to get good, then they were, then it was over. Just like that.

  • I think I’ve always liked Spoon but yeah nice call on “Janies Got a Gun”. That’s pretty spot on and sums up my indifference to this song.

    Course that being said, I remember having similar feelings towards “Ghost of You Lingers” and then GaGaGaGa turned out to be a pop masterpiece.

    It also kinda reminds me of “Kidsmoke” and we know what happened to Wilco after that….

  • Don’t listen to RayRay. He’s just killin time til the Dave reissues.

  • @Ray How could you not like Kidsmoke? It builds up so much tension and the release is magical(Eww.) I agree it’s long-winded, but it plays like a Stanley Kubrick film.

    @Nay-Nay While I love DMB jabs as much as the next guy, there has got to be a Funx3 equivalent: Just fixin’ our eyeliner til Of Montreal? Just tightening out Afro chinstraps til Pharcyde?

  • Spoon told you to do something… you’ve arrived!

  • NO. Your Internet Opinion is WRONG

    I liked it, but am having trouble remembering precisely what it sounded like before getting yanked.

    At this point, it would take a really shitty album for me to turn on Spoon.

  • Maybe they took it back to fix it.

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