FTC: The Impossibles

impossiblesAs I thought about this year’s best Austin albums (which comes out next week folks), I came across an ancient video of one of my favorite local bands, The Impossibles. Growing up in Austin, I had the pleasure of singing along with this band at least once a month.  Sure, I didn’t know everyone there, but I felt as if they were all my friends.  We screamed, we threw up our hands in unison, and yes, we skanked a little bit, or a whole lot, depending upon your dedication and conditioning.  The guys in this band went on to play parts in Mineral and LAX (lets not forget Slowreader).   It was a time of youth and innocence, and The Impossibles were the perfect blend of both.  Let’s travel down memory lane together.



  • I thought Rory just started Imbroco with members of Mineral, and didn’t actually play a part in the band.

    I’m from Houston, though, so what do I know?

  • Houston is the hometown of Mineral, though they later moved to Austin. Still, I’m pretty sure he played with them for a short bit. He also has Rory and the Artificial Hearts.

  • My girlfriend in high school was obsessed with this band and Rory (whoever the hell that is) and Craig (ditto). I hated ska for aesthetic reasons — listening to anything but classic rock or jazz was poseur territory to me — but I was consumed with jealousy when the Impossibles came up, because they were soooo awesome and soooo dreamy. So THANKS A LOT NATHAN for the feature.

  • Lazlo-
    I’m sorry to have brought up old memories, but if it makes you feel better, Rory usually just walked around the shows with his hoodie on looking really sad. I think most people just wanted to hug him.

  • Even worse is that I thought Craig Tweedy was the dude from Wilco for about three years before anybody set me straight.

  • this band meant the world to me. their later-era material blew their teenage anthems out of the fucking water. 4_song_brick_bomb was their crowning effort. Great band with great dudes who went on to do great things.

    scratch mineral… replace it with Imbroco, which was 1 part impossibles with a dash of Mineral and Pop Unknown. Slowreader should’ve released a second album.

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