The Rentals Wrap Songs About Time Project

06_the-rentalsOver the summer we mentioned Matt Sharp’s year long project with The Rentals Songs About Time and now the endeavor is about to come to a close.  As previously stated, the ambitious undertaking will include 3 EPs, 365 photos for each day of the year, and 52 black & white short films for each week of the year.  Right after the new year, the band also plans to release all of this material in the form of limited and deluxe edition sets with a coffee table book of photos, vinyl versions of the EPs, DVDs for short films, and tons of other goodies all included.  Those limited release editions can be pre-ordered now, but do not yet have a set release date.  If money is an issue, you can stream all the new EPs and check out a sampling of the photos/films in The Rental’s online store.  Below you’ll also find an MP3 of new song “” found on the second EP released this year.  It’s a softer tune that encompasses the theme of love had and lost that seems to ooze from every corner of this huge project.  I suggest you take some time to browse through Mr. Sharp’s very eventful and productive 2009.


Download: The Rentals – Late Night Confessions [MP3]

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