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So you haven’t found yourself a leak of the new Vampire Weekend album Contra yet?  Well head on over to NPR for a streaming version which is made available prior to the Jan. 12th release of the album.  Our amigos Ultra8201 also report that the band will be stopping in Austin in April and tickets for that show go on sale this Friday at 10am.  Think that will sell out fast?  Duh.  Be warned that tickets are running at $25 and count me as one writer who doesn’t really think this band is worth that price tag.  Maybe I’m just spoiled living in Austin… or maybe I’m right.


  • This album is really enjoyable. Totally pleasant the whole way (so far). Thoughts on the use of T-Pain-style auto-tune?

  • I’v also liked the new album. Nathan and I were saying though that it is pretty similar to the first one so it may not stand the test of time. Could be fun for a month or so and then get old is my prediction.

    More on Auto-tune here:

  • i just got to the Dancehall meets Rocksteady song towards the end. it’s really well done. I’d probably prefer straight Rocksteady (which I will no doubt turn on after this), but it’s a cool mix.

    i agree with you that the album is pretty vanilla. but that might be its strength. most albums i listen to over and over are the ones that can enjoy while working or put on the home hi-fi while i’m cleaning.

  • I think $25 is very reasonable. They could probably get away with $40 or $50.

    For Phoenix, that would be too much.

    And yes, you are spoiled.

  • Keep in mind that the $25 price will probably end up being more like $30 or $32 once fees, taxes, etc. are done.

    So you’re going to tell me that this band with ONE album (about to be two) should ask $40 to $50 bucks for a ticket? A band with enough material to play maybe an hour? Okay, an hour and fifteen minutes tops? Who after seeing, you’ll realize that they are pretty boring and sub-par live?

    AND this band working on close to a decade of existence can’t charge $25? AND who are very good live?

    I’m not following.

  • I’m just saying $25 for Phoenix is $12.50 per song.

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