SXSW Liars Contest!

We’ve long been admirers of Liars; they seem untouched by their peers, always exploring their own sonic pallet.  Luckily, they have an incredible live show to back up their ridiculously respectable musical chops.  You’ll all get a chance to glimpse them in Austin this week (if you’re here, that is).  But, to top that off, we’ve got a killer contest brought to you by the friendly people at Mute Records that will allow you to win a package with all the band’s works, and a bonus disc of their latest, Sisterworld, with reinterpretations from the likes of Thom Yorke and Devandra Banhart.  Leave us a comment with your favorite SXSW moment, and we’ll select 3 winners!  Contest will end Tuesday, March 16th 12 PM CST. Good luck.

Make sure to make it out to these SXSW dates:

3/18 @ Insound Day Party – 4 PM  & 3/19 Billions Showcase – 1 AM

We bet that closing set at Antones will be one of the best moments of SXSW!


  • My craziest moment from SXSW had to be going to the Rachel Ray party to see The Hold Steady, then getting so drunk there that I had to go home before The Hold Steady even took to the stage. I blame you Rachel Ray.

  • My favorite SXSW moment would have to be ending a 14 hour day of drinking and shows by dancing in some random dude’s living room listening to MSTRKRFT. Don’t even remember how I got there or what his name was…

  • My favorite sxsw moment was seeing Lou Reed at fader party in 2007.

    OR seeing some classy ladies get finger blasted by 2 Live Crew on stage. Once again at Fader. Hope I see something similar to that at the ATH Party.

  • Stephanie, it sounds like this man obviously roofied and kidnapped you. And then made you dance. What a creepster.

  • My craziest moment of SXSW was my first year attending in 2006. I had just moved to Austin and was walking down Red River by myself around 1am when I noticed a man walking towards me with a guitar case. I noticed a familiar mop of hair and did a double take. “Holy sh**” I said to myself, and the guy with the guitar heard me and looked up. It was Thurston Moore! He was just walking to his car after a gig he played earlier in the evening. We met near the Velvet Spade (now the Mohawk). I really wanted to ask him fan questions but the conversation was all about SXSW and what artists we had seen. We chatted for about 3 minutes or so and it is still one of my favorite encounters of all time.

  • My favorite SXSW moment was seeing No Age last year. Get drunk and have a lot of fun…

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