New Tunes from Gogol Bordello

Gypsy punk may not be for all of our readers, but after witnessing their stupendous live show at ACL a few years back, I can’t just push my feelings for Gogol Bordello away anymore.  I’m really excited for their new album Trans-Continental Hustle, which hits stores on April 27th.  Based on this new tune, it’s pretty much what you would expect from a bunch of gypsies, which is enough reason for you to love the band all the more.  Get gypsy!


Download: Gogol Bordello – Pala Tute [MP3]


  • Correct. This sounds exactly like i expected/wanted.

    The same ACL set got to me too.

  • I’m glad you appreciate it Brett because RayRay almost boycotted me posting it. I told him too bad, punched him in the face, and posted it anyways.

  • glad you posted it nathan. i’ve heard all about their live show, but our paths have yet to cross, unfortunately.
    got turned on to them on the Wristcutters soundtrack with ‘through the roof ‘n’ underground’. great tune. can’t wait for the new album.

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