FT5: Comedic Songs of the Past Year…Or So

We’ve all loved comedic songs, from Adam Sandler’s “Chanukah Song” all the way back to Allan Sherman’s “Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh.” Here’s a special April’s Fools edition of the Top 5 Comedic Songs of the Past Year…or so.

5. Brüno – Dove of Peace

As if Sacha Baron Cohen couldn’t have packed more into Brüno, the genius behind Ali G and Borat was able to squeeze in a little surprise into the movie’s back end. That surprise came in the form of a Live-Aid-esque charity video featuring Bono, Sting, Slash, Elton John, Chris Martin, and Snoop Dogg performing the song Dove of Peace. Keeping in line with movies that give a bit extra during the credits, the tune rings inspirational while at the same time summing up Brüno’s vanity and, well, lifestyle choice.

Memorable Line: “Stop fighting North and South Korea; You’re both basically Chinese…”

4. Marc Shaiman – Prop 8 – The Musical

Even though we have to go just over a year to get this one, film and television composer Marc Shaiman gets special accolades (and exemptions) since he wrote and produced the mini-musical in only a few days. The extravagant 3-minute internet sensation features John C. Reilly, Neil Patrick Harris, Allison Janney, Andy Richter, Craig Robinson, and, of course, Jack Black portraying Jesus. Shaiman’s experience with theater and Saturday Night Live is apparent through the thematic changes and lyrical performances throughout the song. And you can’t go wrong with a 45-second NPH solo.

Memorable Line: “Jesus, doesn’t the Bible say these people are an abomination? Yeah, but you know it says the exact same thing about this shrimp cocktail.”

3. Weird Al – Whatever You Like

For 30 years Weird Al has stuck to a simple formula: Popular Song + Parodied Lyrics + Accordion = Comic Gold. “Whatever You Like”, off of the album Internet Leaks, parodies T.I.’s original song as well as the lavish rapper ethos, describing a man’s woos to a woman amidst the current economic situation. Weird Al’s draws comes not only from his clever lyrics but from his lovability. He even got Ray Manzarek to perform keyboards on the track Craiglist which is on the same album.

Memorable Line: “Yeah you like my Hyundai? See my Hyundai? I can take you to see your cousin Phil next Sunday.”

2. Jon Lajoie – Everyday Normal Crew

“Everyday Normal Crew” rounds out the trilogy of “Everyday Normal Guy” and “Everyday Normal Guy 2” off his album You Want Some of This? Lajoie gained fame over his videos on YouTube over the last few years, garnering over 25 million views of the aforementioned trilogy. The understated album ranges from rapping about the mundane to showing his sensative side on the track “2 Girls 1 Cup Song.” Lajoie really shows off his jocular and acoustic guitar chops on ballads like “High as Fuck” and “Too Fast.”

Memorable Line: “He sleeps 12 hours a day and he doesn’t like Asian food. That’s right bitches, he doesn’t like Asian food. He doesn’t like the tasty of soy sauce. Personally I love that shit but he does not.”

1. Lonely Island – I’m On a Boat

This song, like the album Incredibad, is brilliant in so many ways. A club-worthy beat combined with the aggressive delivery of hysterical lyrics by Akiva Schaffer and Andy Samberg make for a song that can be listened to over and over. Add T-Pain to the Lonely Island trio and you get a comedic track that is impressive from a greater hip-hop standpoint. The perfect blend of pop culture references and rap video cliches even saw the video become one of the most viewed online sensations of last year. Who knew that slow motion high definition could be so funny and cool.

Memorable Line: “Take a picture trick, I’m on a boat bitch; we drinking Santana champ cause it’s so crisp. I got my swim trunks, and my flippy-floppies; I’m flipping burgers you at Kinkos straight flippin’ copies.”


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