Contest: The Big Pink @ The Parish (4/8)

We’ve got a couple contests coming your way this week and our first one features a couple guest list spots for Thursday night’s much anticipated Big Pink show at The Parish.  Details for the contest are: leave a comment below or tweet us with why you should win.  Be creative fools!  One lucky winner will receive their name with a +1 on the band’s guest list.  Don’t forget that we’ll need a valid email address so we can contact you later.  We’ll be ending things on Wednesday afternoon so get those entries in quick like.  Tickets are also available via Frontgate @ $13 a piece.  Ready, set, go!


Download: The Big Pink – Dominos [MP3]


  • I first heard Dominos when it was used in promo ads for Skins on BBC America. That promo played *a lot*. I guess it worked because that hook (“these girls fall like dominos, dominos, dominos”) got in head and never left :).

  • My grandpa died during an intense game of Dominos while wearing a Velvet sweat suit. I know it would make his spirit happy if I went to the show had Crystal Visions of ole Pawpaw!!

  • My girlfriend and I just started saying “I Love You” this week and I can’t think of a better show to take her to than The Big Pink, who has a song and album called “A Brief History of Love” which will be prominently featured on a mix I’m making her this week.

    Also, I’ll RT you all day and week. From multiple Twitter accounts…(@ZackTeibloom @Festivalcrasher & @austinvinyl)

    Love, Zack

  • Well kids I gotta go with Zack on this one. That’s the best contest entry I’ve ever heard!

  • The aliens are coming to get me this weekend. My grandmother left me this band in her will and I’d like to hear them live once before I go.

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