FT5: Things to Do While Listening to Music

If you find yourself here, odds are that you’re probably a huge music fan, which means that music is going to play a predominant role in your life.  I surveyed many friends, and mostly talked to myself, trying to figure out what the majority of people are doing when they decide to jam out.  Of course, seeing as I’m the writer, I had to put my own personal touch on this, and thus the ranking of said practices while listening to music.


5. Working Out

Now, a lot of people are already rolling their eyes, thinking, “this is my number one way to listen to music!”  Sorry kids, but let me explain.  First, I’ve succumbed to the fact that I’m a little bit heavy, yet I can still wear a medium shirt, though probably not as gracefully as my young hipster days.  Now, just because I’m a touch plump, doesn’t mean I’m going to work out.  That’s just ridiculous.  I don’t like sweating, and I don’t like shiny shorts.  But, for those who do work out listening to music, are you really listening to music?  Which is more important to you: 1) the work out OR 2) the listening experience.  Those of you who work out will probably say the work out is more important, as it should be, but that negates the fun of listening to music, so it fits nicely in the 5 spot.

Recommended genres/bands: Punk–Ramones, Dead Boys, Black Flag. I like to work out angry, if I ever work out, which I don’t, so this is just a suggestion.


4.  Sex

I wish I could say that this was number one, but man this just seems like a horrible idea.  Personally, I just can’t do it, though I know my friends do.  For me, I can’t really make up my mind which is more important to focus on, as I’m a huge music nerd.  I’ve done this before, and occasionally I find myself getting swept up in the beat, and using that to follow all maneuvers.  But, if the song stops, or changes rhythms, I lose my pace, get lost, and the sex is awful.  I admit it, I simply am not cooridnated enough to have sex and listen to music.  I figure the ladies need my focus, but if they introduce music, I get lost, and they don’t want that.  If they do, then I’m cool with it.

Recommended genres/bands: R&B.  D’Angelo or R. Kelly, is a solid choice.  If you’re into angry sex though, industrial music is probably awesome, like Atari Teenage Riot or NIN.


3.  Car Drives

This is probably one of my favorite pasttimes, especially considering the wonderful weather we’ve been having in Austin.  Nothing says music listening experience like getting a new album, rolling down the windows, and speeding down the highway, wind blowing, music blasting.  This is, however, quite the same as 4&5, and I don’t know if it’s truly possible to differentiate your focus between the roadways and the music.  Personally, I’d probably drive better drunk (not that I ever have, nor do I condone it) than I would whilst rocking out and driving.  What can I say?  Music is just something that takes me somewhere else.

Recommended genres/bands: All. Anytime you get a new record and it’s sunny. Go drive, go blast, go get lost in it all.


2. Walks

Somehow, this is not working out, and its not really exercise either, though doctors would argue.  This is just one of the two best personal experiences for listening to music, at least in my opinion.  I can’t tell you how many times, rain or shine, I would just throw on my headphones, and walk out the door into the night.  Its best when you catch a nice breeze blowing in your face as your mind wanders away, lost in the music.  It combines two of my favorite experiences, that being listening to music and chilling with nature.  It’s not nearly as passive as other music listening activities.

Recommended genres/bands: Shoegaze or any -gaze/Galaxie 500, My Bloody Valentine, Jesus and the Mary Chain, Pains of Being Pure at Heart.


1. Bedroom Sitting

Sure, this could be seen as a prelude to all of the above activities.  But, this one is the most personal for me.  I can’t even begin to count the millions of times I’ve sat, lying on my bed, just staring off into space while the music sucked me in, as it is supposed to do.  Also, it doesn’t require a whole lot of energy, which makes it convenient for hangover mornings, long days at the office, or really just any old time.  You can always just sit around and listen to music in your room. And you probably should. At least once a week.

Recommended genres/bands: SBM (sad bastard music)/ Eliott Smith, Bill Callahan, Bob Dylan, and Spiritualized.


So what are you up to right now?  Are you listening to music?  Do you think you have other ways to listen to music that are far superior?  Do tell; we’d love to hear your ideas.


  • Nice Nathan. For me there’s nothing better than pumping the jams and doing something productive. My days are filled with music, otherwise I can’t function. My Day usually goes as such:

    -Blasting Bonobo while I get ready for the day. (It makes me feel just a little cooler.)

    -Jamming some Ghostland on my bike ride to work through the city. (Nothing better)

    -Zoning out to Deerhunter or the Notwist while at work mindlessly doing AutoCAD. (A Majority of my time) / Jamming ATH new tunes.

    -Ride home to something liberating and upbeat.

    -Letting the creativity fly; painting while listening to Sigur Ros or mum.

    -Relaxing from the long day with some Cinematic Orchestra.

    Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

  • I’m fairly certain it’s impossible to clean a house without James Brown.

  • Every day should be touched by the amazing music talent that’s out there. It has the power to lift people up when they are feeling low-just through listening to words and tunes! Should be an option for doctors to prescribe! Maybe a course of music (even with a loaned iPod??) and signed off “anonymous relaxation” treatment might change things for some people that want to help themselves and actually sort out a sector of people in the UK who are very hard working but completely stressed to the max and don’t know how to take a break without it affecting their career or job prospects?!!

  • lol my name is Nathan too and i love music, it’s the only other thing that lets us know that we are god experiencing itself…. 🙂 wither it’s writing anything and everything that makes a good novel, or just drawing a nice picture ……..:) namaste to all

  • ok sooo, i’m prob the youngest on here (13) buuuut music is a gigantic part of my life, it’s on 96% of the time i’m at home
    when i’m listening to music I like to;

    watch tv on mute (ik sounds crazy buuut the mouths seem to move to the music, and it’s strangely addicting, and awesome)

    clean (duhhh not possible without music!)

    play wii tennis

    surf internet (doin that right now!)

    read online stories

    sooo yeah:)

  • How about some Kind of Blue while drinking coffee?

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