Show Review: Passion Pit @ Stubbs (6/18)

Once again our very hard working photo lady Mary Rehak made her way out to Stubbs on Friday night for the highly anticipated Passion Pit show. Mary also got to check out the second show on Saturday so you can get her opinion on both nights. As always, she has some fancy photos to go along with her review. Follow the jump for both.

Two nights, three bands, over 4000 fans. As a busy concert photographer, I managed to shoot both nights, and heard radically different opinions from just about everyone I spoke with. There were the shrieking Passion Pit fans up front, who seemed even louder the second night than the first (as Michael Angelakos of Passion Pit observed, and I agree). That one girl with the point-and-shoot in the photo pit, who could care less about Passion Pit but was a huge fan of Tokyo Police Club. The couple who were dancing to BRAHMS and later said of TPC: “this band kinda sucks”.

My opinion? BRAHMS was pretty awesome. I ran into lead singer Cale Parks in the crowd on day two, and found out 1) they’ve only been together six months; 2) they aren’t even on a label yet; and 3) they haven’t yet released an EP, LP, or single of any sort (though there is one in the works). Live, their electro-pop sound cranks up the intensity, turning into unapologetic dance jams. I liked them the second night even more than the first, and signed up today for their damn mailing list just to get hold of the four free downloads it offers. I want them back in town as soon as possible, playing somewhere like the Parish with someone like LAX.

Not to piss off Tokyo Police Club fans, but I just wasn’t feeling their live show either night. It might have been that their sound didn’t exactly mesh well with the other two bands, or that they’ve never really been my cup of tea, but I was left apathetic during their set.

For Passion Pit, I have to admit that their live show was stellar. The awesomely elaborate lighting rigs they brought in (they were filming both nights) were pure eyecandy; I haven’t seen a more visually appealing show in a good while. Their stage presence (they had some!). Did you see them at Emo’s last year? They used to huddle behind their instruments; now they flail around the stage, interact with the crowd, and generally look like the type of band who sells out Stubbs. And you have to give some kudos to Angelakos for nailing that falsetto night after night.

All in all, both shows were fun times. It is never going to be a life-changing concert experience for anyone, but you can’t deny the appeal of a packed dance party.

You can see more oh Mary’s work on her flicker page.

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