• No “Born in the USA” is a serious flaw in this list.

  • While it is a great song, “Born In The USA” is one of the most anti-American songs out there. Just read the lyrics, it’s very depressing. Not just Anti-Goverment like the others I added. That’s my reasoning anyway.

    It was in the running, as way “Rocking in the Free World”, but it was eliminated for the same reason.

  • I’ve never really cared for “Born in the USA”. Don’t know what it is… just don’t think it’s a very good song. I would cry foul with no Boss being on the list, but then again, it’s tough to pick just one from him.

    “Rockin in the Free World” is automatically eliminated Jon because it’s written by a damn Canadian freedom hatin’ hippie! FUCK YEAH.

    Band-Aids! FUCK YEAH!

  • Good call with Team America.

  • I think Bruce said it best with :

    “Badlands you gotta live it every day
    Let the broken hearts stand
    As the price youve gotta pay
    Well keep pushin till it’s understood
    And these badlands start treating us good”

    It’s us versus the world. Fuck ya.

    Great top 5 idea, Jon.

  • Eye Of The Fucking Tiger – Survivor
    You’re The Best Around – Joe Esposito

    Get Ghana a bodybag!

  • Bummer. They must’ve not been listening.

    At least we made our country proud go out rather than get beat down like Mexico or England. Nobody will be happy to see them when they land. The reverse can be said of our team. Pure class.

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