Dominant Legs – Young at Love and Life EP

Rating: ★★★½☆

Ryan Lynch has been on our radar for quite some time now, as well as the radar of every major publication around these parts.  It’s not surprise that his first offering to the public as Dominant Legs gives us a slight peek inside his poetic pop ethos, but mind you, its just a peek; you won’t see anything more than the Young at Love and Life EP, as of now.

Title track “Young at Love and Life” definitely has a bit of a groove to it, right from the get go.  You get an electric jangle guitar backed up by some bleeping keyboard, just before Lynch kicks in with his vocals.  Hannah Hunt is a great counterpoint to Lynch’s heavier vocal traits, bringing back a circle of light heartedness that aligns itself with the upbeat movement of this track.

“Clawing Out at the Walls” has a bit more of a kitchen sink effect to it, using tribal rhythms along with various assortments of music in the background.  Ryan sounds a lot like Shearwater in this track, having a bit of a hiccup to his voice.  Similarly, the  music seems to have a sprawling quality, as if it sort of trails in and out with a wonderful melody.  At the two minute mark, he drops the vocals down an octave, and alters his vocal delivery; it suits this song perfectly, possibly more than the main vocal recording.

When you get to “About My Girls” you’ll find that Dominant Legs are back into the groove of everything, giving the listener a bit more of a beat to swing along with for the song’s duration.  There is a solid hook underlying this track, but it could probably use a bit  more distance from the opening track, as they seem to operate in territory far too close in proximity. As a stand alone track, however, this would surely win many over.

Closing out the short Young at Love and Life EP is “Run Like Hell for Leather.”  As the song opens, there’s a lot of open space, setting the perfect scene of one walking along a trail covered in foliage.  It’s got a bit more of a folk feel, which really allows for Lynch’s creativity and voice to go places he didn’t seem capable of going, at least when you use the more typical beat-laden tracks for comparison.  But, as you draw near the end of the song, you’re probably hooked.  You’ve been pulled closely by these four tracks, and sucked into the hype with the rest of us.  Surely this will be an adventure when the future of Dominant Legs sets its sights on a full length, but until then….


Download: Dominant Legs – Clawing Out At The Walls [MP3]

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