Photos: Fresh Millions @ The Parish (8/14)

Saturday night at The Parish we helped put on an awesome show by local bands Fresh Millions, Love at 20, and Superlitebike.  Lucky for you and me, I made a new friend named Charles who just so happened to be a photographer with an impressive portfolio.  After the jump you can find some fancy photos Charles took at the show on Saturday.  If nothing else, you gotta see the badass laser show put on by Love at 20.  Superlitebike were also very impressive as I had never seen them live.  They know how to rock!  Oh and I’m sorry to Fresh Millions for having to bounce before their set, but I’ve seen them live and know they can rock the place as well.  Follow the jump for photos.

Photos graciously provided by Charles Cheung.  You can say hi to him and see more of his work on his website.

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