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Seems like forever since we’ve run a proper From the Closet, so what better way to start things back up than with a little coverage of one of our favorites, T. Rex.  You can get a piece of the band’s collection brand new starting October 26th, as Fat Possum is re-issuing the catalogue, one LP at a time, beginning with The Slider.

T. Rex began as a folk band, oddly enough, but as the 70s kicked off, they stepped up their game, joining the glam-rock world, blowing the scene apart.  Marc Bolan’s vocals have just the slightest bit of sex in their delivery, which surely made the girls scream with delight.  As for the band’s sound, it had a bit of arena rock staples, such as stomping rhythms fueled by heavy guitar riffs, which have gone on to influence the likes of David Vandervelde, among many others. When the group began to include glossier production and other harmonic attributes, they took off, winning over the UK and the States in one fell swoop.  Sadly, Bolan met his end in a car-crash near his home, thus ending the band for good.  Still, you can see the influence of Bolan and his band all over the map today, leaving many others to discover the greatness that is T. Rex. Personally, I recommend The Slider, though I know others just love Electric Warrior. Either way, you can’t go wrong.


Download: T. Rex – Metal Guru [MP3]

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  • Nice… I just got an original pressing of Electric Warrior at the Austin Record Convention. Really, I got way too effing much there, but it was impossible to resist.

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