Contest: Black Angels @ La Zona Rosa (11/19)

It’s time again friends for another contest that some of you may or may not actually enter.  This time we’re going to make things super easy for all you lazy kids out there.  To begin with, Austin’s very own The Black Angels are playing this Friday at La Zona Rosa to celebrate the semi-recent release of their new album Phosphene Dream.  Making these passes even more enticing, the Austinites will be joined on stage by Canadian rockers Black Mountain.  So here’s the deal:

Up for grabs: ONE lucky winner will win a pass with +1 to the show on Friday. (that’s two in all for you math wizzes)

To enter: Simply leave a comment with why you should win and we’ll pick a winner at random.

Contest closes: Noon on Thursday (11/17)

Below you’ll also find recent single from The Angels “Telephone”.


Download: The Black Angels – Telephone [MP3]


  • I should win because I love this freakin’ band an can’t afford tickets. I am in dire need for an eargasm that only the Black Angels can give me.
    Aural-sexiness at it’s best. Make it so #1.

  • Some might even call me a “black angel”!

  • Im broke but being there will balance out against all the shoegaze music lovers who love to stand still at shows when their bodies are screaming “Jerk It Out!”! I vow to lose my shit. I’m losing it as I type.

  • Because I lent these dudes a bowl when they used to practice across the hall. They owe me, so by giving me these tickets you’re also doing them a solid.

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