Octopus Project @ East Side Drive In (12/3)

Date 12/3/10
Location East Side Drive In
Doors 6pm
Tickets $15 @ Frontgate

Octopus Project have long been one of the most creative and innovative bands in Austin who have finally gained some much deserved popularity outside of town.  Continuing that ground breaking mindset, the band has a very special performance of their Hexadecagon project planned at the East Side Drive In on Friday night.  Those unfamiliar with the project just need to know that crazy live video is involved, audience members surround the band on a circular stage, and Octopus Project play along to the music.  A live performance such as this is not something you’ll see very often(they’ve only done it twice to be exact).  You can of course read more about the Hexadecagon project and see video from previous shows on the band’s website.  Or if you’re feeling spendy, the album version of Hexadecagon is currently available in physical form from Peek-A-Boo Records or on itunes for you MP3 fans.

[audio: http://austintownhall.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/The_Octopus_Project_-_Fuguefat.mp3]

Download: The Octopus Project – Fuguefat [MP3]

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