New Music from The Bubbles

One of the great Austin bands we’ve had our eye on for some time has just released an entire new album, Daydreaming in Technicolor. It’s great to some new tunes from these guys, and you can get your hands on the work for your very own price at their Bandcamp Page.  We definitely encourage you to donate, or offer up something reasonably, as all bands deserve our dollars, especially if we love what they do.  The Bubbles definitely have grown a great deal since the last time we heard them, and the new tunes are a reflection of taking their time in the studio and age.  You’ll definitely see some older Austin influences on this effort, which doesn’t mean the band is phoning it in, as their spin is certainly refreshing.  Go ahead. Get back into The Bubbles.


Download: The Bubbles – One [MP3]

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