Show Review: Broken Social Scene/Zeus @ La Zona Rosa (2/18)

Feeling a bit under the weather Friday night, I still managed to make it out to La Zona Rosa for one of my all time favorite bands Broken Social Scene.  Before I let anyone down here, my sickness got much worse as the night progressed and caused me to leave about 6-7 songs into the Broken Social Scene set.  I did however catch the full set by underrated opening band Zeus.  Follow the jump for a few thoughts and photos.

So in my slightly medicated state, I caught a short opening set by young and buzz worthy Toronto based band Zeus.  The guys are an extremely tight and powerful live band despite their young age as a band.  Each song was played with energy and enthusiasm often times only found with bands twice their age.  Highlights for me including the really up-tempo and rockin’ numbers like “You Gotta’ Teller” and “Kindergarten” from their debut LP Say Us.  As much as I did like the guys, my only small complaint with the band would be that they seem to jump all over the place a bit sonically during their set.  At times they come off as a nostaglic band full of Beatles inspired pop harmonies and then the next they sound most similar to modern indie bands like White Rabbits or even Austin’s own Quiet Company.  Don’t get me wrong, I dug the guys live, but I think picking a sound scheme and sticking with it might be a good plan.  I’d definitely recommend getting to the venue early if you’re planning on making it out to a Broken Social Scene show on this tour to catch the opening band Zeus.  They can certainly rock.

So as previously stated, I was a little sickly for the show and only heard about 6 songs from Broken Social Scene before my head couldn’t take anymore.  These Canadians are at their own level of fame at this point and I really doubt a positive review from me is going to help make a name for them anyway.  I was however lucky enough to catch some old favorites like “Fire Eyed Boy” and “7/4 Shoreline” along with some new jams like “Texico Bitches” and “World Sick” before heading out to medicate myself even more.  The band, as per usual, rocked the place and were extremely grateful to the sell out crowd.  My apologies for missing the entire set guys, but the flu calls.

Photos are provided by the lovely Mair.Heard.  You can check out more photos from the show on her Flickr.

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