Show Preview: British Sea Power @ Mohawk (4/13)

Date Wednesday, April 13th
Location Mohawk
Doors 630p
Tickets $12 from Transmission

British Sea Power has been around long enough to where the odds are most people know their music, and in all likelihood, if you haven’t, you at least recognize their name. We won’t harp on about them too much, but we’re really excited about the opening bands that are kicking the show off. First, A Classic Education is one of the buzz bands of the year, having won many people over with their stylish pop, reminding us all what great music can be made of carefully plotted soundscapes.  Then there is Colourmusic, a band we’ve long supported, and loved. They’ve got a new album coming your way in May titled My _____ is Pink, and it’s a big step in a new direction, one that will surely find the band taking over the world.  Three great bands, one cheap price? That’s right, Mohawk on Wednesday night.


Download: Colourmusic – Tog [MP3]

“Tog” is from My ____ is Pink, out May 10th.

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