New Track from BNLX

Man, you’ve got to thank your lucky stars if you live in New York.  On May 20th and 21st, BNLX, will be playing several shows to celebrate the release of EP #5.  We tossed out a track a bit ago, but the more these guys write together, the stronger their sound gets.  The lead single from the new EP, “Burn the Boats” reminds me of early Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, when that band was blowing out amps and burying us with feedback.  You can hear that feedback squall swirl around BNLX on this track, and the steady delivery of female/male vocals has this hypnotic yet driving influence that’s just perfect for any sort of rampage.  The more they write, the happier we are.  You can grab your copy of the new EP from Susstones.


Download: BNLX – Burn the Boats [MP3]

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