New Music from Terry Malts

Occasionally you let things slip, forgetting to check in on your favorite labels or sites, but when go back, you always find a gem waiting for you.  Such is the case with this latest single from Slumberland Records by Terry Malts, who love to be hidden behind a dense fog of mystery.  But, luckily, my imaginary best friend over at Finest Kiss hints that the band is a side-project of Magic Bullets, making the “I’m Neurotic” single even closer to my heart.  Apparently the group are aligning themselves with the likes of the Ramones or even the Descendents, but really it’s hard to hear that.  For me, it has a feel of the lighter side of Creation Records, yet another reason for my adoration.  The single is out now, so get ahold of it while you can.


Downlaod: TerryMalts-Distracted [MP3]

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