New Jam from AM & Shawn Lee

If you were working hard partying, you might have missed the buzz at SXSW about the recent collaboration between AM (LA based pop artist) and Shawn Lee (British songwriter).  Regardless, now is your chance to get into the brilliant work that has come about by way of their union. They’ve signed a deal to release a record with ESL Music, and they’ll be releasing a 7″ on ESL July 19th.  We’ve got the title track, and it’s got me in a rather good mood today.  It opens with sort of a soundscape-electronica-pop feel, but when you get to the chorus, I swear you’ll hear the ghost of Grandaddy.  That doesn’t sound too bad to me.  Hope you kids like it.


The full length, Celestial Electric, comes out August 30th on ESL.

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