Show Preview: Arctic Monkeys (8/2)

Date Tuesday, August 2nd
Location Stubbs
Doors 700pm
Tickets SOLD OUT

Okay, so this is a SOLD OUT show, but you know how it goes over at Stubbs; there’s bound to be some scalpers who bought twenty tickets to sell to you and your friends. I think it’s worth a try, considering what a remarkably energetic band the Arctic Monkeys are on the stage, with bouncing rhythms and angular guitar chops. And, on top of that you get to see one of our favorite new acts, Young Buffalo, who we posted about a few weeks back.  If you can find your way in somehow, I’m pretty sure you’ll leave drenched in sweat, feeling that it was worth every minute.


Download: Young Buffalo – Only We Can Keep You From Harm [MP3]

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