The IT Department – v0.9

I would like to thank the Council for appointing me the head of the IT Department. The IT Department at Austin Town Hall will be the place for the more electronic side of the industry. IT will cover Electro, Dance Pop, straight up Electronica, whatever. IT will be synth driven, but not always purely synthetic.

This is the beta run with v0.9, so I’ll be taking the chance to catch you up on a few of my favorites of the year so far. This post has some big names, a few unknowns and some pure drum and bass. So click through for tracks from the Horrors, Little Dragon and Amon Tobin as well as a couple newcomers.

Edit: Adding one more track from Casiokids…

Little Dragon – Nightlight

This is the second freebie off of their latest album, Ritual Union. Little Dragon has been quite busy as of late, heaping praise coming from all over the intarwebs after a strong SxSW sweep. Lead singer, Yukimi Nagano, even has a guest spot on Raphael Saadiq’s latest. Ritual Union, as an album, is solid piece of work. It is a must have for anyone inclined to the digital side of life.


The Horrors – Still Life

So this is a bit of a middle ground track. It crosses over into other departments. It features a fantastic keyboard hook and if you haven’t heard this already, shame on you. But play it again just for fun. These guys had such a turn around with Primary Colours, I wondered if they would be able to maintain the momentum. So far so good with Skying.


Black Light Dinner Party – Older Together

So this has been in heavy rotation in the IT Dept. for a few months. I love this track ever since first hearing it as it made the run through the blogosphere earlier this year; the delayed plinking keyboard hook, well placed breaks and driving bass line – perfect. No one knows too much about the band that evidently calls “NY” home, though I understand they collaborate via email.


The Fascination Movement – New Light

This song and sappy sweet. It is 80’s infected pop. All the way. No shame. The gentle bravado when in the low range of the vocal, climbing tones as bridges, proper BPM. You can make so many justifiable comparisons. Coming to us from Seattle, you can sample all their tracks over at their site. The song makes me happy.


Amon Tobin – Lost & Found

I think I first picked up on Amon Tobin in the mid-nineties on d&b compilations out of the UK. I was full on into an age of Electronic. Chip, now a further up at Waterloo, was my dealer at Technophilia and I beleive he is the one that gave me the first taste. Amon’s back with ISAM, another strong collection of glitch, drum and bass and at times, ambient noise.


Casiokids – Det haster!

I don’t know what they are singing. I just know I’ve loved them ever since seeing their SxSW set a few years back. It was a crowd that went in with zero expectations for what they figured was a sit through set to get to a headliner, but by the end of forty-five minutes they were begging for more. It was insane fun. Casiokids will release Aabenbaringen over aaskammen October 11, but they were kind enough to send this track to the net.


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