Friday Top 5: Post-Show Munchies

This may not seem like the most important subject in the world, but you’re wrong.  Nothing is more important than what one must do after they’ve spent hours pickling their livers and watching a good old rock show.  Admittedly, I probably hit up the JITB or Whataburger far too often out of convenience, but I definitely have my favorite places to hit up in Austin after a good show. Read on for my suggestions on where you should go after you’ve hit the town for some booze and rock n’ roll.


5. Kerbey Lane

It might seem sacrilegious to put Austin’s famed Kerbey so far down the list (even leaving off Magnolia altogether), but lately the Kerbey just hasn’t been doing it for me.  Sure, Kerbey Queso will soak up anything, not to mention weigh you down, yet there’s a bit of spirit that’s gone missing from the local spot.  Still, this place has locations all over town, which helps with the convenience factor when you’re trying to make your way home and get your grub on.  Just make sure you skip this place for your Sunday hangover brunch, as it’s always packed.


4. Big Bite

I only know of one location for Big Bite, and that’s right next to where the old Tower Records used to be.  And, it’s definitely a corporate place, so you can take points away there, as surely that is not “weird” enough for most readers.  But, if like me, you have a fat kid living deep inside you, then this has to be the spot.  If you’re a casual late night fan, they’ve got some decent pizza, but if you’re a glutton for late night snacks, this is the spot.  My last venture, I got the sandwich with mozzarella sticks, french fries and chicken fingers all tied neatly together with a little bit of buffalo sauce.  Yeah, all that in one sandwich. Fat kids unite!


3. Hot Dog King

This is one of Austin’s oldest trailers, and I wouldn’t even consider it a trailer, as it’s owned its spot next to the Red Eyed Fly for some time.  Plus, the King gets bonus points for offering up veggie options for those of you trying to save the world from caged chicken breeders.  You can grab the works, or you can just go plain, but you’re sure to find yourself satisfied after grabbing a good old fashioned dog on the cheap. It also wins points for being directly on my route to my top secret parking spot, so I don’t have to venture too far out of my way, or stumble I should say.


2. Best Wurst

Being a rare-breed of a native-born Austinite, there weren’t always a slew of music venues to hit up.  You have Liberty Lunch, the Music Hall, but us youngsters had to hit up Emos.  Just outside, you could smell the scent of onions, and for $5, you could wrap those onions up with a tortilla and a brat, filling yourself up on the walk back to the car.  The key to a great post-show munchie hot spot usually is going to be location, and no matter where I end up, I always run into Best-wurst. Perhaps they’re stalking me, but no matter; all I need is a little spicy mustard and my brat, and I’m a happy camper.


1. Hoboken Pie

An ATH hangout has lately been Valhalla, so it’s never hard to venture next door to Hoboken.  But, they’re usually pretty quick, excusing any long lines associated with SXSW.  Plus, you can venture inside for a brief moment, which definitely gives you the feel of an NYC (er, New Jersey) pizza place.  You also won’t have to fight off the crowds from the Library or Shakespeares, and that always makes for prime munchie enjoyment. You can find me there on most post-show occasions, grabbing a slice, tossing on some parmesan, then heading back to the car for that long drive back to the burbs.

There’s tons of places to grab a bite, and I’m reluctant to include all the various trailers, though I won’t deny my love of East Side Kings.  Feel free to drop me a line in the comment section and let me know where you prefer to grab your munchies on your way back home.


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