Free Polyvinyl 15 Year Sampler

Polyvinyl Records has been home to some of my favorite bands over the years and probably deserves a lot of credit for me discovering real indie music in high school.  What with bands like Aloha, Rainer Maria, American Football, etc. the label was one of the hottest and biggest in the emo/post-emo world.  It’s hard to believe the label is already 15 years old in 2011 and they continue to put out great albums year after year.  To celebrate their 15 years in existence, Polyvinyl has put together an incredible sampler featuring a whopping 30 songs from their finest acts over the years.  Old school songs like “Killing a Camera” from Braid are enough to make this a must download for me.  Hell, I’ll even entice you with a free download of that old school jam below.  Check out this sampler now and enjoy.


Download: Braid – Killing A Camera [MP3]

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