ACL Spotlight: Chromeo

This is it folks, the final spotlight before ACL! This time around I’ve got Chromeo, your dance party for the festival this year.

Chromeo is a Canadian duo, and they’ve been blasting out their electronic dance beats for some time.  For years they burned up the dance floors in cool cities all across the globe, and just recently they’ve started making more of a national name for themselves.  Just one listen, and you’re bound to have one of their hooks banging around in your head.

For me, I’m reminded of Ghostland Observatory.  They sort of came out of nowhere at ACL, and then all of a sudden everyone was in love with them.  Well, imagine better beats, and lyrics you can actually sing along too, and you’ve got Chromeo all wrapped up.  It’s going to be a blast, even with the heat, going out to Zilker and dancing around to these dudes, especially if they play my favorite “Mama’s Boy.”

So, if you’re looking for that dance floor beat to start off your night right, then go on out and see Chromeo. They’ll be playing at the Honda Stage, Saturday at 7:00.


Download: Chromeo – Fancy Foot Work [MP3]

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